Below is a list of questions that we are often asked. If there is something that you’d like to know, please send your questions to enquiries@simbithi.com.

R20 000 – Simbithi Country Club Joining Fee
R15,000.00 – Levy Stabilisation Fund
R10,000.00 approximate bond and conveyancing costs/attorneys fees

This is a once off fee of R15,000.00  (currently) to build up a fund for further capital expenditure. This fund is managed by the Homeowners Association and is a mechanism to reduce the requirements for Special levies on major expenditure projects.

Individual owners of property are responsible for water, electricity and rates. The service charges for common property are recovered in the monthly Estate Levies. The electricity & rates are charged by the KwaDukuza Municipality 032 525 8603. Water is currently billed by SEEHOA and charged to your levy account.

This is a monthly amount of R1 990.00 (currently). The levies are paid from date of transfer/possession by the purchaser/owner of the property.

This is a monthly fee of R250.00 (currently). This maintenance levy is only paid if you have not commenced building on your property within one year from transfer. Remember, there is no “build by date” at Simbithi, however all owners expect every property to be maintained and be clear of alien vegetation. This charge is to cover the cost of keeping the vacant plot clear of aliens and in a state which is acceptable to the community.

Simbithi Eco-Estate Homeowners Association, Board of Directors and the Simbithi Management team (SEEHOA)
Phone 032 946 8371  | 0871 500 942
Fax 032 946 8377
Email enquiries@simbithi.com

Yes, the Home Owner’s Association has consistently achieved an over recovery of income over expenditure and has reserves of over R4 million. It has no liabilities, and all of its property is unbonded.

There is no build by date. However once a site is handed over for construction, after Local Authority plan approval, the owner has 15 months from the date of site handover to complete the construction, which is defined as the issue of a practical completion certificate.

If the house is not completed within the 15 months, a penalty of up to R10 000,00 per month is payable, until the house is completed. It is therefore advisable for the homeowner who intends to build, to ‘get all of his ducks in a row’ before commencing construction.

The first stage is approval by the Simbithi Eco-Estate Design Review Committee and thereafter the second stage is approval by the Local Authority.

SEEHOA has an available list of builders and architects that have designed or built on Simbithi. Any registered architect or builder can apply to be accredited at Simbithi. The list is not a ‘stamp of approval’ or a comment on the quality of the architect or builder. The list signifies a written undertaking that the architect or builder agrees to comply with the strict requirements imposed by the Design Review Committee as well as the Building Controls on the Estate.

All the major banking institutions will fund a purchase on Simbithi Eco-Estate.

All the developments infrastructure has been completed.

No flags are permitted as outlined in the Resident Conduct Rules.

Yes, a maximum of 2 dogs are allowed in the freestanding homes. Cats are not permitted on the estate. Sectional title units may have their own rules regarding pets. The HOA reserves the right to ban any breed of dog considered to be a threat or a danger to persons or wildlife.  At this stage Pitbulls, Rottweilers and Boerebulls are banned, (including mixed breeds of the above).

Yes, SEEHOA design and architectural guidelines are available on the website.

The distance by road is approximately 21km and 11km as the crow flies.

Bass, Tilapia and Chinese Grass Carp.

The rubbish is collected on a Tuesday and Friday by Dolphin Coast Waste Management. Contact number 032 947 2979. Garden Waste must be put in a white bin bag (purchased from any hardware store) and is collected on a Tuesday.

The total land size used to establish Simbithi Eco-Estate is 430 hectares.

150 square metres is the smallest home permitted on Simbithi Eco-Estate.

Simbithi Eco-Estate was launched as a development in 2004.

The once off joining fee is R20 000 (inc VAT).

The Golf subscription fee for a Resident member is:

  1. Principle Member – R5 300,00 per annum
  2. Spouse/Dependents under 21 years old – R2 150,00 per annum, per additional member

The Golf subscription fee for an External member is:

  1. Principle Member – R6 500,00 per annum
  2. Spouse/Dependents under 21 years old – R2 700,00 per annum, per additional member

Golf membership subscriptions exclude SAGA fees.