Simbithi is a residential Estate. It is not a resort.  Most of the owners at Simbithi are owner occupiers.  By entering into a sale agreement residents have all agreed to abide by the Rules of the Estate, on the basis that this leads to the improvement in the quality of life on the Estate.  SEEHOA has the right to expect any tenants to abide by the Rules.

It is imperative that any person or family who wishes to lease a property on the Estate must agree with this ethos, and they must commit to abiding by the Rules of the Estate.  For this reason, it is compulsory that any tenant who rents property within Simbithi, or any “non-owner” who is allowed by any owner to occupy any property must attend an Induction Meeting, so that the Rules as well as the facilities at Simbithi can be adequately explained to all tenants or occupiers of property.  This includes the tenant understanding the consequences of a breach, or more than one breach of any of the Rules.  Please also note that the Memorandum of Incorporation excludes any Time Sharing arrangements.  Units cannot be placed into a “Rental Pool”

Simbithi currently offers both short term (3-30 days) and long term rentals through rental agencies accredited to Simbithi Eco Estate. To obtain a copy of the rentals agents please contact the SEEHOA offices on 032 946 8360/1 or