The promise of good security plays an important part in a decision to buy into a residential estate. To ensure Simbithi Eco Estate meets the needs of buyers in this regard, the developers drew upon the vast experience of people with years of experience in every aspect of estate security. At the centre of the security system is the "Control Room" which is the communication hub for all security related matters on Simbithi Eco Estate. Manned and operated on a 24/7 (24 hour, seven day per week) basis, security aspects include: Security patrols, automated access, a central control room and CCTV.


Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor gates, critical areas on the perimeter and internal areas of particular concern. Pictures from all cameras are recorded and stored at the Control Centre. At the centre of the security system is the Control Centre, which is the communication hub for all security voice, data and video communications on the Estate. The structure complies with the requirements of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) and the installed equipment has full redundancy on mission critical components to improve the reliability and quality of service.


For residents to enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle, it is important that access is denied to those with criminal intent. The quality of the perimeter security system is vital in this regard, as is the control of people through the various gates. Security patrols, both on foot and by vehicle, monitor and respond to fence and house alarms, and monitor and control the movement of contractors and their labours.


Access control policies reflect the Estate's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents. Automated access through traffic booms and pedestrian turnstiles are on the basis of biometrics. Only in certain instances, for example poor recognition of fingerprints by the readers, will access cards be issued. The gates have been designed to facilitate rapid processing while security staff are required to apply the Estate's strict access control policy. Residents are required to comply with policies applicable to processing and authorising their visitors.