Wildlife, Fauna & Flora

Simbithi Eco Estate’s aim and objective is to manage and protect the natural environment, vegetation and fauna on Simbithi Eco-Estate and increase the biodiversity within the Estate

Simbithi has an Environmental Manager and an Environmental committee and a Wild Life working group, and their aim is to maximize the biodiversity of Simbithi with well managed natural and landscaped areas that adds value to the lifestyle of residents.

Simbithi is fortunate to have grasslands, coastal forest, and rare swamp forests, wetlands and dams. With this biodiversity the Estate is rich in wildlife. This includes rare wildlife like the Pickersgill Reed Frog, the Blue Duiker, Black Headed Dwarf Chameleon and Spotted Ground Thrush.

Environmental awareness that keeps residents informed, educated and involved in the environmental activities on the Estate is essential.
Wildlife on Simbithi
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Birds on Simbithi
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Flora & Fauna
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