#MySimbithi Photo Competition: ENTER NOW!

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#MySimbithi Photo Competition: ENTER NOW!

Do you fancy yourself a photographer? Are you enamoured by the undisputed beauty of our Estate? Then, this is the competition for you!

Simbithi Eco-Estate residents are invited to participate in the inaugural Simbithi Eco-Estate Photo Competition. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter.

Photographers will compete for the following prizes:
1. Overall Winner – Cash prize of R1000
2. Category winners – Cash prize of R500 each (There are 10 categories)
3. Category Runner up – Cash prize of R250 each (10 prizes)
4. Funniest Photo – Pro Shop Voucher
5. Most Original Idea – Sunday Carvery Voucher
6. Best Food Photo – Curry Evening Voucher
NB: Only one prize per photographer.

Competition Rules
1. The competition is open to all current residents of Simbithi Eco-Estate.
2. Residents are invited to submit a maximum of five images, preferably from different categories.
3. In order to qualify for entry, the images must be taken within the perimeters of Simbithi Eco-Estate.
4. The images must be the photographer’s own work.
5. Images may be colour or black and white.
6. Please name your image – for instance Morning Sunrise, or Monkey Playing, etc.
7. No text or watermarks may be added to images.
8. Although creativity in compositions is allowed, images must not falsely represent Simbithi Eco-Estate.
9. All images submitted will be retained by Simbithi Eco-Estate, for marketing and purposes deemed fit by SEEHOA.
10. Wherever images are used, authorised by SEEHOA’s marketing and communications department, they will be credited with the photographer’s name.

The competition categories are:
1. Golf Course (greens, fairways, bunkers, equipment)
2. The Fig Tree (deck, drop zone, play area)
3. The Country Club (restaurant, venues, building, people, dinning, weddings, activities)
4. Stables (horses, paddocks, riders)
5. Walking and Cycling Trails
6. Community Centers (swimming pools, facilities, gym, braai area, playing)
7. Dams (fishing, sunrise and sunset)
8. Office Park (architecture, shapes and colours, offices, business, access control)
9. Fauna and Flora (snakes, birds, porcupines, lizards, chameleons, antelope, monkeys, bugs, plants, trees, pets, macro)
10. General (Any item not catered for above)

How to Enter
1. All entries to be forwarded electronically by email to marketing@simbithi.com
2. Indicate the entry category for each photo
3. Please name your image – for instance, Morning Sunrise, or Monkey Playing, etc.
4. Indicate your name, contact number and Simbithi address.
5. All entries must reach Simbithi on or before the closing date: 18 September 2017.

The competition will be judged by two Photographic Society of South Africa star graded photographers and a SEEHOA official. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

Digital Manipulation

The following actions are allowed and are not seen as manipulation:
1. Cropping;
2. Correction of lens distortion, chromatic aberrations, purple fringing, lens vignette and vertical/horizontal perspective adjustments;
3. Removal of dust spots or scratch marks from sensor or scanned images;
4. The blending of different exposures of the same scene to broaden the dynamic range e.g. High Dynamic Range (HDR)
5. Focus stacking to widen the depth of field, especially in Macro photography.
6. In the case of Nature and Wildlife HDR and focus stacking will not be considered as manipulation and may therefore be used, provided that the end result is a faithful representation of the original scene.
7. Photo stacking to overcome the limitations of the digital sensor heat artifacts in long exposures is only allowed in Open and not in any of the other categories.

Good luck…and HAPPY SNAPPING!

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